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  • Trever Andrew

My Inside Voice: Water Crisis in 3.5% First Nations Vs. 96.5% Canadians

When you heard about water crisis and bad water quality, it is usually on reserve. How bad it is, it is bad. I have experience it all across the provinces when I traveled across communities and to where I live now. Not much have change today.

From 1867: First Prime Minister John A MacDonald, to 1957 Prime Minister John Diefenbaker, to 1980 Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, to the current 2017 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; the Water Quality for First Nations in Canada has not improved, in fact it has become worse.

In 1867, First Nations could drink their water. The present day of 2017 equals more and more First Nations can not drink their water. The greater we made mind blowing advancement in water technology, First Nations water quality issues increases instead.

Does that make sense to anyone?

It states that First Nations have stepped backwards and not forward with water quality improvements compared to Non-First Nations in Canada, how is it that?

An amazing culture that has been here for million and millions of years that respected, loved and took care of every dimension of water and now they cannot use it for living their way of life in 2017.

Who and what is changing the chemistry of the water in Canada?

The water quality crisis is happening to one province, but also to ten provinces that make up Canada. That is a gruesome statistic in Canada for the simple fact that there are only 1,117,00 First Nations in all ten provinces.

In every province of Canada there are Boil Water Advisories, Do Not Consume Advisories, and Do Not Use Advisories that have been in there for 30 to 60 years or more. Some more are being added today in the year 2017 in First Nations Communities. Many First Nations children living on reserve never had the privilege to experience a safe and healthy glass of potable water out their own tap. I know and seen so many of them that grow up not knowing what it is like to have clean, healthy water.

Boil Water Advisories, Do Not Consume Advisories, and Do Not Use Advisories are these the best solution we have? Or is it a way for the Canadian Government working with First Nations to clear their guilty conscious and saying they did their due diligence?

The questions that need be asked in Canada are:

Justin Trudeau and to the Cabinet of Canada who is responsible for the First Nations Water Quality Crisis in Canada?

Justin Trudeau and to the Cabinet of Canada who destroyed the chemistry of the water in First Nations Communities and Watersheds?

For 2 million years First Nations could treat and preserve their natural resource water, but from the 1900 on to the present day of 2017 First Nations have water quality crisis?

Do Canadians care about the First Nations Water Crisis in Canada?

Are Canadians aware of the First Nations Water Crisis in Canada?

Grand Chief of Canada Perry Bellegarde, do you know there is Water Quality Crisis in First Nations in all ten provinces of Canada?

Perry Bellegarde how do you plan to remove every Boil Water, Do Not Consume, and Do Not Use Advisory in First Nations Communities?

Perry Bellegarde do you know who destroyed the chemistry of Water in First Nations Communities and Watersheds?

Perry Bellegarde what is your plan with Justin Trudeau to resolve the Water Crisis in First Nations?

I have two different educations in Water my 1st educations come from my culture First Nations, and my 2nd education was from non-First Nations University which I love and respect, and admire both teaching. The privilege of choosing two different method of education for water is it has given me the gift too see the multiple dimension of water, it is what separates me from other Canadian and Global Water Experts today. Humans beings should have more than one education for water today for the simple reason that there are multiple ways of life on this planet. For that reason, I also believe in humans helping humans in resolving the water crisis in First Nations and Non-First Nations.

It has been a life long journey learning about Water and I am still a student of Water.

"The scientific man does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect that his advanced ideas will be readily taken up. His work is like that of the planter — for the future. His duty is to lay the foundation for those who are to come, and point the way. He lives and labors and hopes"

-Nikola Tesla


Watch More Water Crisis in First Nations:

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