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  • Trever Andrew


You will see I repeat “we are not doing brain surgery” a lot because when it comes to water we should all be experts in the ONLY element that keeps us alive.

Are we in denial? Are we scared? Are we really a wake? Are we dreaming? Or do we just not care?

I have been watching our planet lose some huge watersheds and no alarm bells. Do we keep thinking these great watersheds are going to magically appear back?

You do not have to be a brain surgeon to realize that something is going on with our water on this planet called Earth. In Canada 150 year ago we had so much water, 150 years ago all over world we had enough water for every country.

What has happened to all the water in a 150 year? Did the animals take all that water? Did Aliens take our water resources?

What happens to surface water happens to the ground water, confined aquifers, open aquifers, underground streams. There is so much evidence that the ground water is vanishing and is being polluted. The water quality of ground water is becoming just as poor quality of the surface water.

How can that be? It is in the ground? It has been in the ground for millions of years and never seen a human.

Is climate change a cover up for Human Beings not managing our Water Resources? Is climate change to be blamed? Are we passing the buck to the next 1 million generation?

The hardest question we need to ask ourselves “Can We Save Ourselves?”.


United States Vanishing Water:

Canadian Water Vanishing

Ireland Lake Disappears

Spain Water Vanishing

Chile Water Vanishing

Africa Water Vanishing

Australia Water Vanishing

China Water Vanishing

NASA Vanishing Water:

River Map picture from:


Numbers Do Not Lie


Since Last Week Blog:

  • 40,328 children died from poor water quality or without water globally (which means in every country)

Since Last Week Blog United States:

  • has used 975,000,000,000 billion gallons of water

  • which equals 3,900,000,000,000 trillion gallons of water a month

  • which equals 46,800,000,000,000 gallons a year



Since Last Weeks Blog Canada:

  • has used 89,919,079,250 billion liters of water

  • which equals 359,676,317,000 hundred billion liters of water for the month

  • which equals 4,316,115,804,000 trillion liters of water



Since Last Weeks Blog World:

  • Has grown roughly by 1.4 million

  • Yearly Growth Rate 83 million people


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