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  • Trever Andrew

My Inside Voice: Social Media Has Blurred Education

I wasn’t going to do a Blog, Facebook, Facebook live, Instagram, or Twitter, but I started to see all the people that are misdirecting humans on Social Media about water.

Definition of Expert


1. a person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field; specialist; authority: a language expert.

Examples of Experts:

Doctor – 8 years of university, and 3 to 7 years of training

Brain Surgeon – 8 years of university, and 6 to 7 years of neurosurgical residency

Judge – 7 to 8 years of university and many years of experience

Lawyer - 7 to 8 years’ university, and 3 to 7 years of training

Psychologist – 7 to 8 years of university, and 4 years of training

Optometrist – 8 years’ university, and 4 years of training

Professor – 8 years of university

Research Scientist – 4 years of University

Astronaut – More than school experience in military + 1,000 pilot in command time

in jet

Police Men – 1 year of training and many years of experience

Scientific Data Analyst – 10 months

Definition of Experience


1. a. direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge.

It has taken me 22 years to talk about water and such topics as below:

  • Surface Water- Rivers, Lakes, Streams, Drainage

  • Ground Water – Confined Aquifers, Un-Confined Aquifers, Movement, Design

  • Water Treatment – Surface and Ground Water

  • Water Filters – Cartridge Filters, Sand Filters, Activated Carbon, Fiber Filters, Ceramic Filters

  • Watershed – Ground and Surface Water, Reservoirs

  • Daily Operations – Keeping the water moving 24 hrs a day 365 days a year

  • Individual Well Systems – Maintaining and Operating

  • Water Samples – Chemistry (Metals, Physical), Bacteriological (Total Coliforms)

  • Mechanical - Moving parts for Water, Intakes

  • Asset Management – Water Supply Lines, Pump House, Water Pumps, Gate Valves, Reservoirs, PLC, Cistern, Roads, Towers, Vehicle’s, Chlorine Stations, Chlorine Pumps, UV

  • Technology Used for Water – Monitoring, SCADA, Communications, and Controls

  • Data Collection – Surface Water, Ground Water, Operations, Water Samples, Incidents, Watersheds, Ground Water, Assets

  • Environmental Health Officers – Working with and understanding Health and Water

  • Water Hierarchy – Why it does not work why it fails the public.

  • Political Issues

  • Policies – Understanding policies and how to design, strengthen policies

  • Climate Change and the effects on Surface, Ground Water, and Cultures

  • The effects on Cultures with Shortages and Water Quality Issues

  • The effects on Surface and Ground Water Globally

  • Researched Fracking – The effects on Surface and Ground Water Globally

  • Researched Oil Drilling – The effects on Surface and Ground Water Globally

  • Researched Water Crisis and The Effects of – Globally and First Nations in Canada

  • Water Quality Issues in Canada– Globally and First Nations

It takes my culture, observation, listening, science, education, research, and experience working in the field and experimenting with my own hands.

It takes more than hard work to design the Sѐwllkwe Water and Wastewater Program that addresses everything that revolves around water that means accounting for every drop of Water.

Being First Nations has also given the experience of Not Having the Same Rights to Clean Drinking Water as other Canadians in Canada. I traveled across Canada and seen and experienced First Nations not having clean drinking water which is a life changer, what I mean by that is I learnt that I was 3rd class citizen. Finding out about Canadian Government turns a blind eye to clean water crisis and not coming to the aid of First Nations.

What inspired me was how many people knew very little about Water and knew everything about Oil. F>U>B>A>R

I have watched people on Social Media build big popular platforms, doing talks, and educating people on the current Water Crisis, and other related Water Crisis Topics which most of the time they are not experts. It is shocking to see the people follow and get misguided by popular social media that knows nothing about Water Quality nor understand Water Treatment, and Clean Drinking Water in general.

Social media is amazing too for sharing and networking, and communicating to many, but it has become so blurry that there is no need for you to have education or experience or be an expert in what you are talking about.

Spot those that know nothing about water. I urge everyone to do yourself a favor and see who is really an expert in any field. One way is always to ask: Do they have the right Education and Experience in that Field if you do not know ask them you have a right to ask them? See how people work and if they bring experts on their platform or not because there is no way we are experts of everything no way. Supports those genuine humans out there that put their passion to the work and study them, support those that bring in the experts.


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