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My Inside Voice –  Water Teachings From 2 Way of Life

Today I will blog about how my two different education in Water has separated me from all the other global Water Experts and how I applied it to bring New Innovation to Water.

The biggest teaching of my fused education in Water is that it taught me to be not a sheep to other Water Experts and gave me the confidence to create a new Solution to Water in today’s broken Water Hierarchy. The other Water Experts on Social Media are still practicing and exercising what was done in the 1960’s; the technology in the field has become so stagnant.

My First Nations Education of Water started in British Columbia, Canada and ended somewhere in Ontario. My teachers were the First Nations Elders across Canada, it was life changing what they shared with me. It was overwhelming the teachings my elders shared with me about sѐwllkwe in the past, present, and future.

Here is some of What I learned from my First Nations Teachings:

Number 1: To Look Beyond

My First Nations water education taught me to look at other cultures and water crisis in the world; to see what the real problems are. I researched Africa, India, China, Yemen, Libya, Jordan, Djibouti, Singapore, Jamaica, Mongolia, Afghanistan, United States and Canada. That is just a small list I studied, and you ask yourself why I looked at these Countries as First Nations Water quality problems in Canada have a lot in common with all those countries—very high stressed countries with severe Water Crisis.

Number 2: Technology in Other Cultures

My elders mentored me to look at other cultures of the past to break down and research the technology that was used to transport and to treat their water. For example: The Egyptians and how they used water to build, to construct, to transport and their water treatment technology. The water ways in Nazca Peru and Machu Picchu such amazing technology achievement in water irrigation and for every Indigenous person to have rights to the water. These genius technologies in the past were remarkable for their time and I spent many years studying and researching them.

Number 3: Water Has No Borders and is Colour-blind

My elders taught me science. We know about sѐwllkwe and we First Nations were very educated with water technology because of that how advanced we were with water treatment. However, my most profound teaching that I keep to my heart is that water has no borders and water is colour-blind. One of greatest teaching I learnt and that I apply everyday to my philosophy of being a water expert.

I am going to give you three small examples of my non-First Nations education in water:

Number 1: The Water Molecule Close-Up

My non-First Nations education in Water brings me up close to the molecular structure of a Water. The 3D picture, how, and what it is made of 2 Hydrogen and 1 Oxygen. For that picture it has shown me how sensitive, how important it is to not distort or to destroy that amazing natural engineering brilliance of that natural water molecule.

Number 2:

Insight number two is that some major changes is happening to the Earth and it is disturbing not just one small part of the world—it is now affects all countries, all cultures, and the water quality globally. My research started about 15 years ago on this subject about the different levels it affects on the human race; it is just spine tingling and sobering.

Number 3: Researches On Thoughts and Memories in Water

My most inspiration non-First Nation teachings is from Emoto’s Water Experiment and the endless of studies, endless research on how negative thoughts can affect Water Quality. Meaning how we treat the water, how negative the world is becoming, and what changes it has on a Watershed or Water Supply. David Suzuki scientific research on Watersheds, Water Supplies, Water Quality, and the toxics we are adding to water and how it will affect us long term. Also, Viktor Schauberger studied the natural flow of water and how nature designed a path for water to flow to which lead to natural environmental friendly energy devices. Also, Laureate Luc Montagnier that studied Water Memory which will change how we think about water now and in the future.

My two teaching in water gave me privilege of designing an amazing solution for water which is my Sѐwllkwe Water and Wastewater Program. Without these two different water Education, I would not be able to create a Solutions for Water and Wastewater for the simple reason that Water is so complex and multidimensional.

It has given me the courage to stand up and shed new light on Water Technology and Innovation, and Solutions for Water Today.

First Nations and non-First Water Education both has taught me that we as a species we need more than one teaching method to introduce New Solutions and Technology for solving the existing water crisis.

In today’s crisis society, to be more than a Water Expert and to make a change you need more than just one way to crack Water and Wastewater issues because there is just more than one way on this planet.

PS. I Love, Respect, and Admire My First Nations and Non-First Nations Water Educations Equally.


“Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.”

- Bill Gates


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