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My Inside Voice: The Elephant in The Room

Why is the Water Hierarchy failing us? Is there evidence that the water hierarchy is failing us?

The Water Hierarchy is the structure that is put in place to protect the public from illness and death. The structure consists of: Government, United Nations, World Health Organization (WHO), agencies including Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Health Authorities (i.e. First Nations Health Authority, Interior Health Authority), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Ministry of Health, Education Programs, Professionals such as Engineers, Water Hydrogeologist, Water Managers, Directors, Water Operators, Programmers, and etc..….

We have so many professionals and these so-called experts that are put into place into the Water Hierarchy and, yet they fail to protect us from waterborne illnesses and deaths.

An accurate weakness to the Water Hierarchy is: the Engineer dictates what is used for technology. This is a major problem with part of the Water Hierarchy, the engineers do not have to comply to the Health Authority about what programming needs to be in place to protect the public health and safety. They decide and install all the components to water systems, but all they gave me was Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). Read about SCADA from my last blog. My question to the Engineers are you the Health Authority? Does the engineer really know Public Health? Is the engineer educated with Health? On the job site engineers are not the highest ranking, the Health Authority is the highest ranking. So, what gave all these engineers this invisible power?

Accurate weakness number 2 to the Water Hierarchy is: Water Managers. They monitor and control what is released to the public.

An example of this weakness or flaw happened in May of 2014 in Kamloops, British Columbia. The Kamloops wastewater plant accidently spilled 4,100 cubic meters or 4,100,000 liters of untreated, raw, toxic, wastewater into the South Thompson River and DID NOT NOTIFY THE COMMUNITY until months later. Interior Health Authority (IHA) was not there for the public Interior Health Authority and the City Wastewater Treatment Plant covered it up, like covered it up. Sweep it underneath the rug.The lack of transparency is truly scary and the Health Authority (IHA) failed to notified the residents.

Another accurate weakness to the Water Hierarchy is: old technology, dysfunctional process.

For example, First Nations Health Authority uses a water data sampling program that is outdated and ineffective. The directors and managers of First Nations Health Authority, 2-billion-dollar organization in charge of First Nations Health, claims that they have the best for the communities and have the best of program to monitor my water quality. I am embarrassed to say that First Nations have the worse water qualities in Canada. The water data program is old, and I mean old and dysfunctional because it hasn’t help the water advisories and issues till this day.

You can see how the dysfunctional adds up, because the program is old technology it adds to weakness number 2, and weakness number 1 and it piles on and on. So they have an excuse to be not transparent to you for example. I believe this is why there are so many illness, and death with water related issues is because the Water Hierarchy is wrong today and needs to be improved by 100%.

I gave you two different points of view the Public and the Scientific. There are so many more facts regarding this topic; more to this topic in the future. This are just some of the issues nobody wants to talk about it or whisper it and the one that always talks about the Elephant in the Room gets slammed, discredited, and get told that you are a trouble-maker.

We are not doing brain surgery…

Quote by: Nikola Tesla

I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success…. Such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.

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