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  • Trever Andrew

My Inside Voice:The Bridge Between Data Collection and Water

The greatest computer and the most complex programming on this earth, in this Milky Way is the Human Being. The programming to the human body is complex; for example, your breathing, your heart beat, seeing, digesting food, and going to the bathroom you do so effortlessly.

What keeps this Human Being alive? Answer: Sewllkwe (Water).

Water and Human Being are so sophisticated, such a maze of programming that we can not replicate it today. We can’t make a human being with computers and we cannot make water.

On saying that why is that engineers gave us Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) which consist of basic programming: 1 and 0, 1 being on, and 0 meaning Off. SCADA is just like an idiot light in your car.

Every engineers would recommend a SCADA system. SCADA is just for mechanical On and Off, nothing more nothing less. For some reason or another they made us believe it could mirror water. They say it is the greatest solution created for resolving our water issues? But that thinking means that engineers only see things as one dimension-WRONG. The human being is more than one dimension and water is multidimensional.

There are few downfalls of SCADA, only the rich can afford such very expensive set of alarms and the maintenance cost will eat up the water budget before you can pay for anything else. The companies that created SCADA have their own IT department to maintain their systems. I personally recall being charge $$$$$ for every technical phone calls I made (it was not affordable $$$$$).

How weak is SCADA? Well I am going to give you some real-life examples of where SCADA failed.

Examples of where SCADA failed: April 2014 Flint Michigan, 2015 Kamloops Wastewater Treatment failure, 2014 Mount Polly Mine Disaster, 2011 Little Buffalo Alberta, 2012 Red Deer River Alberta, 2012 Elk River, 2000 Walkerton, 2015 Navajo Nations Mine Toxic Spill, 2011 Grassy Narrows Mercury Poisoning......

SCADA has it place with the mechanics of water but not with health of water monitoring.

You can not replace Water Data Collection with a man-made program, the greatest program to collect Water Data is the Human Being.

The Process of Water Data Collection will always be the Human Being because computer program will never be able to collect all the data points to water.

It is why I created Sewllkwe Tracking Solutions because the computer program works with Human Beings not the other way around.

I want the best water for all humans being.

We are not doing Brain Surgery it is just that simple.

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